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Computer Programs

FaceGen Modeler FaceGen Modeler is a great program for making your photos into usable patterns or modifying the existing head in the program.

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Computer Programs

Welcome to the computer programs section of our website.

Many of us would like to create our own patterns from scratch. We have a vision in our head of interesting scenes or comic moments that would like to re-create in Caricature. If we have tried to do this using the old methods of designing our own characters, we might be frustrated by the results. Back before computers had good tools to design our own characters that most people could use we had no choice but to use the old methods. Things like armatures and Clay or cardboard cutouts served us, so we thought at the time. Some of us were good at drawing but when we tried to turn that drawing into a carving we felt frustration at this method.
Now at the end of 2014 lots of us have been using computers for years. Now there are more simplistic tools available that will help you get great results. We will be listing the software programs that might be useful in designing your own character. The other reason it is a good time to use the computer tools is that some of the programs are free. We will focus at first on programs that will let you pose a character of your design with only a short learning curve. We will be publishing how-to articles on the various software tools. So if you are interested in creating your own patterns of poses and characters that you designed, please check out some of the tools we have listed on this page.

What do Caricature Carvers need from a Pattern?

-How to tell a good pattern from a bad one.

-How can I make my own patterns?

-How will this pattern help me to complete the carving?

-How can I use the pattern to make a band saw cut out?

We will be investigating these questions perhaps in another section of this website in the future.

This particular page in the website is dedicated to computer programs for designing Caricatures.

If you would like to give us any input in this section please do not hesitate to contact us.


Computer graphics (GC) is a growing field. The reason for its growth is video games, and computer graphic effects in movies. There are new tools coming out all the time and there are new releases to all tools to enhance the use of the software.

Our list might grow out of date, both the revision and the price at any time. If you go to the website that we have provided and there is a newer release or the website is in error please contact us so we can keep our information timely.

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